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  Industrial Automation Training  
What you learn in our Industrial automation Training?
Relays & Gates
  Working of Relay
  Types of Relay
  Example of Relay Logic
  Problems in Relay Logic
  Types of Gates
  Problems in Relay using Gates
  Difference Between Solid sate Relay & EMR
  History of Automation
  Detail of PLC
  Component of PLC
  Programming Methods
  Application of PLC with Example of Animation.
  Ladder Building
  Basic Ladder Building
  Programming & Application
  Timer & Counters
  Function Keys and Short Keys
  Programming with Factory
    Hardware Configuration
  • I / O Modules 
  • Communication & interfaces
  • Software Description
  • IEC Languages
  • Programming with Real Time Application
Technical Training
  Programs for Manufacturing Applications - [Using only Timer & only FLAGS]
  Programs for Quality Control Applications - [Using Counters & FLAGS]
  Programs for prevention Applications - [Using Reverse Logic Functions]
  Programs using Advanced Instructions - [GRT , LES , GER , LT, TEST etc]
  Process control PLC programs - [Batching Programs]
Control Panel
  Panel Overview
   Panel Design
  Input & Output cards
   Power Supply Details
   Processing Methods
  Input & Output Wiring Methods
  Programme Execution with Realtime Application
SCADA (Intellution, Kingview, Citex) 
  Relation between SCADA & PLC
  Communication & Interfaces
  Features of SCADA
   Merits Over PLC
Menu Details
  Getting Started with SCADA
  Data Base Creation
  TAG Creation
  Dynamic properties
  Macro Editor
  Trend Chart Analysis
  Historical Assign
  System Configuration
  Alarm History
  DDE over view
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